ATM Rules

Mountain Broadcasting ATM Game 2017

The Mountain Broadcasting ATM Game will be played Monday through Friday starting Monday, April 3, 2017, up to three (3) times (ROUNDS) per day. When an eligible player guesses the correct 4-number ATM “PIN code”, and in the correct order, they will win $1000 cash. When a $1000 prize is awarded, a new Game begins. The player for each Round of the Game will be chosen at random from all eligible digital entries.

The Mountain Broadcasting ATM Game will be played on air between 6am and 6pm, Mountain Time. The times for each Round will be randomly selected. When a Round is played, it will be played over the air and the numbers guessed will be announced, including whether they are 1) incorrect, 2) correct, but not in the right position (REVEALED) or 3) correct and in the right position (LOCKED IN). They will not be announced on air any other time, nor will our staff give numbers to callers over the phone or via email between Rounds. Once a number that IS part of the correct ATM PIN code is revealed by a guess, it must be used in all subsequent guesses. Guesses that do not use REVEALED or LOCKED IN PIN code numbers will be deemed ineligible.

After a Round is played, all entries will be discarded. In order to play all Rounds each day, players need to enter new numbers after one Round is played on the air and before the next Round. Only one guess per person per Round will be accepted. In case of multiple entries from the same person for the same Round, the most recent entry received for that Round will be eligible.

Entries for the Mountain Broadcasting ATM Game will be sent via a web or mobile device through the ATM Contest app found on the station website at One player will be picked at random from all eligible entries for each Round of the Game. Players will have to give their name, email address and phone number and be 18 years of age or older in order to enter a guess. If their guess is chosen for a Round, the staff will contact them by phone so that they can play (and possibly win!) on air. If staff is not able to contact an eligible player for a Round, another contestant may be picked at random to play or the DJ may read their guess on the air.

Winning numbers:

The winning ATM PIN code is four numbers given in the proper order. The numbers are between 1 and 60, including 1 and 60. Numbers are not repeated in an ATM PIN code. A blank, printable Mountain Broadcasting ATM Player’s Sheet is provided on our station’s website to help players keep track of the numbers guessed in each Round and Game. Blank Play Sheets will also be available at the Mountain Broadcasting office at 725 Strand. To learn the numbers, correct and incorrect, that are played in each Round of the Mountain Broadcasting ATM Game, you must listen to the station on the air. Players will have access to the previous day’s numbers before the next day’s Rounds are played via a Play Sheet that will be updated nightly, Monday through Friday, at

All decisions of the management of Mountain Broadcasting regarding rules and play will be final. Rules may be changed without notice and will be deemed changed when posted on the CONTEST page on the station’s website. Only one prize will be awarded for each Game, but multiple Games will be played. Any and all taxes that may be owed by the winner of any Game are the responsibility of the winner. Winners must present valid photo ID, Social Security number and local address in order to claim their prize. Players must be 18 years of age or older to play.


Any questions on the functioning of the game, rules or how to play the game should be directed to

All general rules also apply to any Mountain Broadcasting game or contest. Rules are posted online and at the studios of Mountain Broadcasting. A player may only win once in a 30 day period.