J.J. Hemmingway 

J.J. Hemingway is your “Early Morning Radio Pal” on Boomer 106-3! Originally from the “Emerald City” of Seattle, J.J. has been doing radio since high school. His dad—Jack Hemingway was a well known Seattle radio personality and when J.J. was 3 he was given a record player for Christmas. While other kids were playing baseball and football, J.J. was playing radio station. His career choice was made.

When J.J. was 16, a new radio station signed on in the Seattle area so J.J. Would just hang out there. Instead of calling the cops – they hired him! His first on-air job was for an “Oldies Station” which planted the seeds that eventually led to a seat at the head of the Boomer Breakfast Table.

After criss-crossing the country a few times (town to town, up and down the dial) J.J. Found a home playing the same records that he fell in love with at the start of his career! There is nothing he loves more than entertaining you as you start your day!

IF I had to get a real job, I have no idea what I’d do. Maybe go back to law school.”

You have so many choices in the morning—thanks for waking up with J.J. Hemingway on Boomer 106-3!!


Bill Williams
Bill got his start in Missoula radio in the 80’s.  As a rock and roll jock he played the tunes of the day by the likes of The Beatles, Stones and ZZ Top.  Now he spends his afternoons keeping the Solid Gold records of the 60s spinning at Missoula’s one-of-a-kind radio station,  Boomer 106.3!

“The most important things to me are my two daughters, my grandchildren, my band, and my faith. I dislike rude people, Monday’s and having no money.”

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Rick Sanders
“I grew up in McMinnville Oregon.  Radio started for me at a small Community College in Gresham, Oregon where I got horrible grades in all my classes except my radio classes….and right then and there I realized that radio must be my true calling!  Either radio, or being a drying paint watcher…radio seemed more fun!  My 1st real radio job at age 19 In Kelso, Washington paid $600 a month working the exciting and riveting hours of midnight-6!  Turntables, records (those circular vinyl things) and a live microphone….I was in Valhalla (Even though I had only 4.8 listeners)!!

My good friend Monte Turner offered me a job here in Missoula Mt (I’d never even been to Montana before) in 1984, and I’ve been here ever since!  I love long walks on the beach, puppies, and sunsets (but lets keep that between us, ok?)”

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Randy Waters

Randy Waters’ first Radio appearance was in 1969 at the tender age of 5 when he was interviewed by a local station on the proper use the rope-tow at Mt. Otsego near Cooperstown, NY.  Many years later, he found himself behind the mic of his college radio station and then a paying gig at a local station playing the same 50s & 60s records he grew up listening to…from Buddy Holly  & Elvis to the Beatles & Beach Boys.

In the years that followed Randy Waters headed for the mountains of Colorado and then to Denver.   After too many years living in the big city and driving 14 hours to visit family in the Bitterroot on holidays, the Waters family made the decision to leave the urban sprawl and settle with loved ones  under The Big Sky.

“I was the youngest of five kids, we all had our own record collections and I had access to all of it!!  That old ‘Hi-Fi’ set got a real work out in our house!  I love the music of Boomer so much!  These are the records I grew up with!!”

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Julie Brown

Like many Missoulians, I love to spend my time outdoors hiking, biking and fishing with my kids. I have several hobbies including gardening and kayaking but my #1 hobby is roller derby! Not only do I love to put the beat down on other derbyites, but I also coach my daughter in the sport. I graduated from the University of Montana and have worked in radio since my first on-air job in Dillon in the early 90’s. I love reporting news, weather and sports. I love listening to music & the 80’s are my favorite!

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