Emily Adamson

News junkie. Dog lover. Proud Montanan. Pretty much sums me up! I got my
start at the University of Montana School of Journalism. I worked in
television news in Missoula for four years, before moving on to work at
the local Humane Society.

I’m happy to now split my time between the journalism and pet worlds —
co-hosting with Rick on the Mountain Morning Show and spending my days
with dog (and cats!) at the Humane Society as the Director of
Organizational Advancement. All while getting to live in beautiful
Missoula, Montana of course!



Rick Sanders
I grew up in McMinnville Oregon.  Radio started for me at a small Community College in Gresham, Oregon where I got horrible grades in all my classes except my radio classes….and right then and there I realized that radio must be my true calling!  Either radio, or being a drying paint watcher…radio seemed more fun!  My 1st real radio job at age 19 In Kelso, Washington paid $600 a month working the exciting and riveting hours of midnight-6!  Turntables, records (those circular vinyl things) and a live microphone….I was in Valhalla (Even though I had only 4.8 listeners)!!

My good friend Monte Turner offered me a job here in Missoula Mt (I’d never even been to Montana before) in 1984, and I’ve been here ever since!  I love long walks on the beach, puppies, and sunsets (but lets keep that between us, ok?)

(406) 541-4946


Randy Waters

Randy Waters’ first Radio appearance was in 1969 at the tender age of 5 when he was interviewed by a local station on the proper use the rope-tow at Mt. Otsego near Cooperstown, NY. Many years later, he found himself behind the mic of the campus station at Western CT State University which opened the doors to a paying gig at a local AM/FM combo…babysitting New York Giants broadcasts and Cruisin’ America with broadcasting legend Cousin Brucie Morrow!

Yet, the mountains were calling and it didn’t take long for Randy to load up the VW Beetle and headed west until it broke down…in Vail, CO…where he quickly found work at a radio station that included a season pass in the benefits package!

In the years that followed Randy Waters was picked up by the nationwide Radio One Network, the Jones Radio Network and eventually, he was upped to Programming and Operations Manager at a heritage news and talk station. After 16 years living in the big city and traveling to the Bitterroot on holidays, the Waters family made the decision to leave the urban sprawl and settle closer to family under The Big Sky.

Randy brings more than 30 years of broadcasting experience to his new radio home at Mountain Broadcasting! Listen Mid-Days on The Mountain 102.5 and Afternoons on The Drive 103.7 & 107.9.

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Bill Williams
I got my start in Missoula radio in the 1980’s. As a rock and roll jock I played the tunes of the day like The Beatles and ZZ Top. Now I’m at the helm of Hit radio in Missoula.

I am on the air from 2pm-6pm. Tune in and let me play you your favorite hits. And remember you can call in your favorites for the 5 o’clock flashback too.

The most important things to me are my two daughters, my grandchildren, my band, and my faith. I dislike rude people, Monday’s and having no money.

(406) 549-4946


Meghan Marie

The biggest thing I’ve learned is life takes you on some crazy adventures. I didn’t expect to be in broadcasting, but here I am and I love it. I was studying criminal justice in Kalispell when I was introduced to radio. I started off as a receptionist and one day made a joke about how I’d like to be on air… sure enough, I started the next week. I went from radio into tv as a weather girl and camera operator when I moved to Missoula and studied Radio – TV Production at the University of Montana’s school of Journalism.

I love anything outdoor related (which Missoula is perfect for) and I’m a fun – easy going person who is always laughing.



Alan Kabel

Predictable Unpredictability, Home, Heart, Health, Family, Pets, Relationships, Real People doing amazing things, lots of phones and Just Plain Fun.

What people care about and what maters to them. Content that proves Family Friendly can be the Most fun. “The show is meant to be a total music intensive escape from the pressures people face everyday or as we call it,

“Funtainment for your Heart and your Head.”


J.J. Hemmingway 

J.J. is originally from Seattle — his father, the late Jack Hemingway, was a veteran Seattle broadcaster, and by the age of 3, J.J. had made his career choice and followed his father’s footsteps.